Is there an afro hair salon in Rotorua that can braid my hair?
I recently grew an afro and now I want to get braids. Looking for a hair salon where they are good with my hair texture and can braid in different styles.
I need a beauty salon in Rotorua that does bridal hair on short notice. Any ideas?
HELP! My wedding is in two weeks and my hair stylist broke her arm. Now I need to find a new one that will do my hair. Only the best wanted! Please please help me, I am desperate!
Which hair salon in Rotorua uses organic hair colors?
I want to color my hair but don't want any chemicals as I am slightly allergic to most ingredients in most hair colors. Is there a hair salon that colors with Henna or other ...
Which barber shop in Rotorua offers cut & go services?
I don't have much time, just need to get my hair trimmed regularly.
Tags: hair barber shop cut & go
Can you recommend me a hair salon that is cheap but good? In Rotorua.
I just moved here and am yet to find a hair salon that doesn't cost a fortune, yet knows how to do hair right.
Are there any hair stylists in Rotorua that do home services?
My mom is old cannot walk anymore and it is too difficult for me to wash her hair as I am not experienced. I need a hair stylist that can come to her house twice a week to wash ...
Do you know of a hair salon in Rotorua that knows the latest hair styles?
Any hip hair salons that can do my hair according to the latest catwalk styles? Price is not an issue.
Tags: hair stylist hair salon
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9 Results for Rotorua Hair tips (0.04 seconds)

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